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An award-winning hands on magazine for kids and the adults in their lives

The magazine has won a few awards when it was named Kids, Code, and Computer Science Magazine and with our new name, beanz.

Tillywig Family Favorite Award

“Our final verdict? If parents were limited to giving their child only one gift this holiday season, we recommend a subscription to beanz!”

Parents' Choice Award

“Kids, Code, and Computer Science Magazine is a rich resource for fostering coding skills and computer enthusiasm in budding computer scientists.”

Academics' Choice Award

“My son really enjoys the articles in Kids, Code, and Computer Science Magazine. He also enjoyed looking forward to each new issue.”

School Library Journal

"A must-have resource for any library serving young coders."

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Our magazine makes a fun gift for kids interested in technology or as a library acquisition!

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beanz magazine is an award-winning bi-monthly print + online magazine about learning to code, computer science, and how we use technology in our daily lives. We’re a small community of teachers, programmers, and writers who love the challenge of exploring technology in ways kids and non-technical adults enjoy and understand. We try to make technology accessible, friendly, and fun.